A Dedicated Tour Agency in Oman

Coastal Trip Tourism is one of the best travel agency in Oman. The company was founded in 2007. The company is based on unique principles and terms. This is the platform which gives birth to exciting innovative ideas. Being the trendsetters, we have always succeeded in pleasing our customers. Coastal trip tourism continuously reinforces its mission and goals. We are in a constant struggle to elevate our standards and quality services. The company paved its way to such a great success by surpassing every obstacle. We are completely aware of the market condition, customers' needs, and other organizational goals. We have improved and advanced our traveling platform. 

Coastal trip tourism focuses on your need and desires. We plan according to what you want. Our agents observe every corner of interest of our customers and then draw the best proposal having the exotic spots and luxurious hotels.

We offer them a completely cost-effective travel program. During the whole journey, We keep a constant watch over our customers just to ensure their safety and happiness meets their expectation. We render immense support and offers innumerable services. Coastal Trip Tourism has discovered the beautiful beaches of Oman, The thrilling adventurous Wahiba Sands Desert, Hajar Mountains, and many other breath-taking sites. We have organized many Adventure tours and activities for our travelers at many exhilarating places. 

There are many travel agencies that provide group and private tours to Oman. We are also a popular travel agency in Oman who provide various types of best Oman tours packages to our customers. These packages include an overnight tour, holiday packages, group package, and private package. There are various types of options in each package and except group package, and other packages can be customized according to the customer.



Our mission is to please the customers to the maximum extent we can so that at the end of the tour, customers can feel happy and come to us again for other tours. We always try to improve our services and add new things as per our experience. We do this to provide a good experience of the tout to our customers.



Our vision is to become one of the trusted and innovative travel companies in the world. We always try to develop new ways in order to resolve the problems of our customers. The staff of our company is talented and has the ability to tackle almost all the problems of the customers.



We like helping people to make their journey happy and comfortable. This is the reason we are very popular. 

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